Comsof Heat Product Release 2021.1

Comsof Heat Product Release 2021.1

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Comsof Heat Product Release combines heating and cooling networks

Planning district heating networks is the core functionality of Comsof Heat since the first release in 2018. In this new version we are embracing district cooling, combined heating, and cooling networks. We are also taking the first steps towards heat and power sector coupling by introducing the distributed heat pumps connected to ambient temperature networks. The technology of thermal networks operating at a lower temperature strongly contributes to decarbonising the heating and cooling sector and leverages a multitude of low-temperature heat sources.

Automated design of central and distributed thermal storage

District energy networks have to be flexible enough to cope with the energy demand variations and additional energy production variations imposed by increasing intermittent renewable energy sources. Thermal energy storage is a proven, efficient, and cost-effective technology to provide such flexibility. This new software version gives you the tools to simulate network scenarios with centralized thermal storage. This technique has the required flexibility, as well as network scenarios with the placement of thermal storage tanks in the distribution networks.  In turn, this will lead to a decrease in the network peak transport capacities and balance the heat loads locally.

Increased accuracy in the network deployment cost calculation and investment analysis

A key component of our software is the ability to provide an estimate of the materials alongside network components and costs. This version contains improved flexibility in the configuration of demand-side equipment, such as heat interface units and heat pumps for a single dwelling and multi-dwelling buildings.  Additionally,  T-joints, expansion loops, and pipe segments of steel pipe configurations have enhanced the network component types.

Want to know more?

Join our release webinar on June 23rd, 14h00 CET

We will be discussing the design strategies and features in detail in this release webinar.

Please note this webinar is for people who are already familiar with Comsof Heat.

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